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Hairstyle Tips – #68

Tips on Achieving Perfect Curls Everyday

Every curly-hair girl has been asked if their hair was naturally curly at least more than 20 times in their life. While most people envy and wish for your curls, little do they know about the time and effort required to maintain its shape and beauty. While having good hair days is less with people with wavy hair, the ratio decreases, even more, when it comes to curly hair. There is a lot of hard work that needs to be invested to remove your frizz and to render a healthy hydrated appearance. To keep bad hair days at bay and enhance the appearance of your curls, follow these simple and easy tips mentioned below.

1. Comb your hair from the bottom and work your way up to the top to prevent any accumulation of knots at the tips or hair breakage. It is essential to use a wide-tooth comb instead of a brush to prevent breaking your curl formation.

2. Avoid any build-up of split-ends by getting your hair trimmed at least every 2 months. Split ends are known for working their way to the top, making your hair appear dry, dull, and frizzy and can also cause hair breakage, rendering an uneven cut.

3. Using a smoothening serum and mousse or coconut oil and styling gel to style your curls will render a healthy and hydrated look while giving your curls the perfect hold.

4. Applying a styling cream or oil to your hair whenever it is dry instead of using a lot of products is the best way to avoid weighing down your curls while moisturizing your hair. If you notice your hair getting dry too often, it is high time you start using a leave-in conditioner to retain the moisture in your curls.

5. Wake up with well-defined curls by using the pineapple trick, which is loosely gathering your hair at the highest point of your head to avoid frizz due to friction of your hair against your pillow at night.

6. Even out your curl pattern and add more volume to your hair by drying your hair using a diffuser. If you notice a few strands that have opened out, fix your curl pattern by using a curling iron that matches the size of your natural curls.

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