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Hair Tip- #29

Get Rid of Split Ends

The amount of times we have suffered from split ends and have had to cut our hair short is innumerable. There are many instances where we have given up on our hair and just left our split ends alone. However not doing anything about our split ends and not cutting them off in advance will lead to your split ends moving towards your roots. The worst thing that could happen to your hair is having split ends right up to your roots because that simply means that you have to go bald or go completely short! If there is one thing that many girls agree on it is that we do not like losing our hair length. What then could be the solution to lose split ends without losing your hair length? Our Top Stylist Babar shares his secret with us on how he handles such a hair issue. A device known as a Split End trimmer can help remove your split ends while maintaining your hair length.

Split End Trimmer

Given below is the process used by our professionals to remove split ends using this advanced and effective machine :

1. If your hair is curly or wavy, our stylist will first blow dry your hair with a hair dryer to create a smooth, knot-free and straight look. If your hair is straight, this step need not be done for your hair.

2. After getting your hair knot-free and smooth, just like a brush or straightener, the split end trimmer is brushed through your hair but, fear not besides split ends and dry ends nothing else would be cut off. This effective device only cuts off the dry and split ends leaving your hair the same length as it is.

We ladies could not have asked for anything better! Just like that, your split end hair problem is solved in the least damaging way possible!

If you have split ends and want to get rid of it without damaging your hair then head over to our luxury salon A’Kreations Hair & Beyond in Bandra west today!

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