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Beauty Tip- #22

With eyebrow idols like Cara Delevingne out there it gets quite tough for us girls to get our eyebrows on fleek. With the different eyebrow trends out there such as feather eyebrows, wavy eyebrows and overfilled eyebrows, selecting the right shape gets hard. What might suit Cara might not suit you, which is why it is extremely important to understand your face shape and select your eyebrow shape accordingly. In conversation with our Aesthetician Smita More, she has help us classify different eyebrow shapes for different face shapes.

1. Eyebrows Shapes for Oval Face: 

If you have a broad forehead, prominent cheekbones and your face tapers in towards your chin then it would be ideal to shape your eyebrows by going soft on the Angles.

Eyebrows Shapes for Oval Face

2. Eyebrows Shapes for Long Face :

If you have elongated facial features from your forehead to your chin and might have a prominent chin then getting flat and straight shaped eyebrows allows your face to appear shorter.

3. Eyebrow Shapes for Round Face :

If you have wide cheekbones and your face width and length is the same then getting a high arched eyebrow will help lengthen your face.

Eyebrow Shapes for Oval Face

4.Eyebrow Shapes for Square Face :

If your forehead, cheekbones and jawline is the same then you should get a defined peak on your curved eyebrow to soften the effect of your jawline. The more peaked and arched your eyebrow, the softer it will make your jawline appear.

Eyebrow Shapes for Square Face

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