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 Hair Care Tip- #38

Living in Mumbai’s unpredictable weather can result in many unwanted situations that will make you feel helpless and annoyed. With this summer heat already ruining our skin, we usually find ourselves dealing with an oily and greasy scalp and dry and frizzy ends even though we might have just washed our hair before leaving the house. Dust, pollution, heat, sweat and dirt all play a part in making our hair oily or frizzy. After spending an endless amount of time to wash our hair every morning and make it squeaky clean before work, we still find that our hair wash was of no use once we reach work. Most of us dread attending events during the summer because no matter the effort and time we invest into looking presentable and stylish we still land up looking like a hot mess once we have finished travelling and reached the venue. Although facing these situations may make you feel like staying in bed at home all day, you still need to go out and earn a living. But fear not, our Stylist Krishna Maraiya has some quick and easy hacks to instantly fix your hair disaster and say goodbye to these summer heat problems.

1. If you have washed your hair in the morning but still find your scalp greasy and oily when you reach work or if you are going out after work and have no time to wash your hair, applying dry shampoo like the Kevin Murphy Fresh Hair, will remove any greasiness and the anti-oxidants will remove odor and freshen up your lifeless hair.

Kevin Murphy Fresh Hair

2. If you find your hair frizzy, dry and unmanageable after traveling and reaching your venue then spritzing a lightweight serum on to your ends will help tame the frizz and make your hair look healthy. You can use the Kevin Murphy Shimmer Shine serum to tame your frizz and add that extra shimmer to your shiny hair.

Kevin Murphy Shimmer Shine

Kevin Murphy Shimmer Shine

3. For those last minute plans that leave you unprepared with no products in hand, incorporating a stylish and simple hairstyle will do the trick. You can opt for a high messy bun, a simple braid into your high pony or simply a tight sleek high pony with hair wrapped around your rubber band for an elegant look.

High pony with hair wrapped around

High Messy Bun

You can purchase any of these Kevin Murphy products at our luxury salon A’kreations Hair & Beyond in Bandra west.

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