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Celebrity Inspired Hair Tattoos

Summer is one season where we take advantage of the heat to experiment with short haircuts and finally cut off our wild and grown winter hair look. When going short, you might find that your options regarding haircuts are very limited and that there are not many haircuts to go for besides the faded haircut. With celebrities like Jason Derulo and Bad Bunny introducing and spreading the craze of hair tattoos, it would only be right to incorporate this trendsetting hair look into our appearance. A hair tattoo can either be customized based on a pattern you might have seen somewhere or by a celebrity inspiration, from complex and intricate to simple and elegant hair tattoos, you can find designs to suit your liking. To segregate these designs, we have come up with two well-known celebrities who are well known for their unique hair tattoos.

1. Bad Bunny’s crown Hair Tattoo : We are well aware of hair tattoos incorporated onto the temples and nape area of the head, but this sharp and intricate free style hair tattoo incorporated on to the crown has got us all in love! When going completely short this summer, incorporate this hair tattoo to elevate your simple and short haircut.

Bad Bunny’s Crown Hair Tattoo

2. Bad Bunny’s free style line Hair Tattoo:  This simple yet attracting hair tattoo incorporated on to the crown renders a feel of its own. For those that don’t love diving into the details and love keeping it simple, this hair tattoo will be perfect to incorporate into your haircut.

Bad Bunny’s Free Style Line Hair Tattoo
bad bunny haircut Rabobank Arena

3. Jason Derulo’s Temple Hair Tattoo: Although Jason Derulo loves to stick to his temple hair tattoo, he doesn’t spare going into details which is why we love it so much. If you only wish to go short on the sides and not on your crown area then opting for this hair tattoo on your temple can help elevate your look too.

Jason Derulo’s Temple Hair Tattoo

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