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Monsoon Hair Care Tips- #57

Monsoon Hair Care Tips

During the Monsoons, the most common hair issues we as women face are hair fall, frizziness, and split ends! All this humidity present in the air during these fluctuating climate only makes our hair look like a hot mess regardless of the effort we might put in to avoid looking messy. To prevent these common issues, our Salon Art Director Milly Niangngaihman came up with a few easy hair tips to follow during the Monsoons to reduce hair fall, frizziness, and split end.

1. To eliminate split ends, one needs to get their hair trimmed at least once every two months.

2. When getting your hair cut or trimmed, always keep in mind not to cut it too short as your hair tends to become frizzy due to the humidity, it is important to keep your hair long enough to tie up to prevent a messy and frizzy look.

3. There is not anyone particular haircut that you should opt for as every individual is different, what suits your friend’s face might not suit yours, therefore, it is always best to leave it to the professionals to give you the best haircut that complements you!

4. Always keep your scalp and hair clean, especially during the Monsoons, as the build-up of sweat and dirt can lead to dandruff and hair fall.

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