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Hair Color Tips- #58

Hair Color Tips

When it comes to hair color, there is one common question that is frequently asked by many, “What is the difference between Box Dye available at the grocery store and between Professional Hair Color available at salons?” Most people think that box dye and professional hair color is the same thing available at different price ranges and when it comes to choosing cheap over expensive, everyone ignorantly goes for cheaper products. However, there are a few points that one must keep in mind before taking this decision. To answer this common question, we asked our Style Director Tushar Shinde to give us a clear understanding of the difference between Box dye and Professional Hair color.

1. Box dye color only coats the cuticle of your hair but doesn’t penetrate to your cortex, making your hair appear and feel dry. However, when you use professional hair color, it penetrates deeply through your cuticles into your hair cortex, thus making it feel silky and look glossy.

2. If you choose to treat your hair to any treatment after coloring it with box dyes, it won’t give you the desired look and is ineffective due to the coating of box dye.

3. When coloring your hair using professional colors at the salon, you have the option of infusing a bond fusion treatment into your color that fuses your broken bonds, but while using box dyes, you do not have this option.

4. Box dyes provide limited hues such as brown, red, and black, however, with professional color, you can achieve whatever color you like whether it is ash, platinum blonde or a crazy color like purple!

5. As compared to professional colors, Box dyes being more affordable and easily accessible in the market contain more harmful chemicals that damage your hair in the long run!

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