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Hair Tip- #18

Different occasions call for different hairstyles, picking the right hairstyle to fit the right occasion can get complicated. No one wants to be overdressed or underdressed which is why making sure your hairstyle fits the occasion and is not too loud or too casual is an important decision everyone must take. While leaving your hair in your stylist’s hand, you need to be sure that you are fully aware of the different hairstyles rather than just getting stuck with the most obvious and common hairstyle that many salons seem to copy since it is easy and money making. In conversation with our Style Director Renuka Giri who is quite famous for her hairstyles, she has graciously lent us some of her knowledge on hairstyles to help us know the different hairstyles that we can opt for on different occasions:

1. Red Carpet Hairstyles: 

The stress to look your best on such a huge occasion is incomparable; a sleek classy low bun, messy textured low bun, twisted bun with a puff, side french braid with a low bun, twisted french braid low bun and textured curls low bun are a few hairstyles that you could rock with your glamorous outfit.

A sleek classy low bun

A sleek classy low bun - Hairstyles for Different Occasions

Messy Textured Low Bun

Messy Textured Low Bun - Hairstyles for Different Occasions

Twisted Bun with a Puff

Twisted Bun with a Puff - Hairstyles for Different Occasions

Side French Braid with a Low Bun

Twisted French Braid Low Bun

Textured Curls Low Bun


2. Party Wear Hairstyles :

Whether you are dressing up for your date or for an office party, a gorgeous hairstyle to pair with your beautiful outfit is a must! A cascade braid, half braid on open hair, dual braid with a high ponytail, reverse french braid with high bun and fishtail braid with a puff are some hairstyles that fit this occasion.

A Cascade Braid

Half Braid on Open Hair

Dual Braid with a High Ponytail

Reverse French Braid with High Bun

Fishtail Braid with a Puff

You can get any of these and various other Hairstyles at our luxury salon A’ Kreations hair & beyond in Bandra west.

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