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Hair Tip- #17

The number of times that we have tried to dry our hair using a hair dryer and landed up getting our hair sucked into the vent is numerous. Trying to dry our hair or style it at home can be hard because we lack the skills and knowledge that lies with our stylists, unknown of the heat percentage or level we experiment with our hair and sometimes burn our hair in this process. Unlike other hair dryers, the Dyson AirWraps are a one of a kind hair dryer because not only can you dry your hair with it, but it’s different nozzles allow you to style your hair without having to use additional accessories like a comb or a brush. Easy to handle and lightweight that it is, this hair dryer is also safer as compared to others because it doesn’t burn your hair and provides heat according to your hair’s heat requirement as every type of hair has a different heat requirement. If this isn’t enough, there is more, this super-efficient dryer protects your hair while drying it and reduces frizz giving you a smooth and shiny finish. In conversation with our Top Stylist Babar Khan about the latest Dyson Airwraps, he has given us additional information regarding the different hairstyles that we can do using the different nozzles that this dryer comes with :-

  • The Pre-styling Dryer :- Used to turn wet hair into hair ready to be styled, if you wish to leave your hair loose giving it a natural look you can use this attachment to achieve this look.

  • 1.2 inch & 1.6 inch Barrels :- You can vary your curl size and its looseness or tightness with these barrels to create voluminous bouncy curls for your hair.

  • Round Volumizing Brush :- This brush directs the air into the hair creating tension to shape the hair as it dries and adds volume to your hair.

  • Firm Smoothing Brush :- These firm bristles on the brush helps control frizz and gives you a straight and smooth finish while styling your hair.

  • Soft Smoothing Brush :- The soft balls at the tip of the bristles was designed to be gentle on the scalp while using to style your hair. You can use this brush to achieve blow-dry and smooth finish.

The Dyson Airwraps are exclusively available for use at A’Kreations luxury salon in Bandra west. You could purchase Dyson Supersonic hair dryers from our luxury salon A’Kreations hair and beyond.

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Image Source :-  Dyson Airwraps