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Hair Care Tips- #54

Hair Conditioning Tips

In Mumbai, August is known to be the month with constant rains as summer has finally ended, however, thanks to climate change due to global warming, the month of August is known to be a combination of the heat as well as rain. During this unpredictable weather, it is common to find your hair acting up and seeming unable to manage.  Fear not, our Style Director Jade Rodriguez has shared a few effortless and quick home remedies to deep condition your hair and prevent yourself from looking like a grizzly bear!

1. It is essential to use the right type of shampoo for your hair, use a clear based shampoo for oily scalp and a cream-based shampoo for dry scalp.

2. You can moisturize your dry hair by leaving your conditioner in on your hair length for about 30-45 minutes and then rinse with cold water for healthy and soft hair.

3. You can deep condition your hair by infusing the Keune Satin Oil serum with your conditioner and leaving it on for about 45 minutes for softer, hydrated and healthy hair.

Keune Satin Oil Serum

Keune Satin Oil Serum

4. When you wash your hair, ensure the water temperature isn’t too hot as it can make your hair dry. Always rinse your hair with cold water to prevent it from appearing dry and frizzy.

If you wish to purchase any Keune products or get your hair deep conditioned, you can visit our A’Kreations Hair & Beyond Luxury Salon in Bandra West or in Powai.

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