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 Monsoon Feet Care Tips- #53

feet care in monsoon

During the monsoons, we take the most care of our hair and skin wanting to prevent dandruff, frizzy hair, and dry or oily skin, however, we usually tend to forget our feet. Our feet too deserve the same care, love, and pampering just as much as our face and hair, as it is our feet that come directly in contact with the dirt, muck, and germs present on the ground. When it comes to maintaining the hygiene of our feet, not many people know how to do so, which only results in a bad foot infection. To prevent a foot infection and save yourself from the trouble of visiting a doctor and spending on medication, you can follow these few foot care steps given below:

  1. Keeping your Feet Dry :- With moisture present in the air, it is important to keep your feet clean and avoid damp socks and shoes as it will only lead to a foot infection.
  2. Getting a Pedicure :-  Visiting the salon once in a while for a relaxing and cleansing pedicure will cost less and save much more time than doctor visits and spending on medication.
  3. Keeping your Nail’s Length Short :- Having short toenails will prevent the collection of dirt and germs under your nails, thus, saving you from a nasty fungal infection.
  4. Soaking your Feet in Hot Water and Lemon :- The Lemon present in the hot water will remove feet odor and kill the bacteria present between your toes.
  5. Sandals over Sneaker :- Wearing open footwear allows the dirt and muck to wash off easily and enables your feet to dry faster.

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