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Children’s Hair Care Tips – #69

Children’s Hair Care Tips

14th of November is the day we celebrate Children’s Day, which is why today our blog will focus on children. On the Internet, you will find various articles on hairstyles for children or new haircuts for children but very rarely do you find tips on how to care for their precious hair. Following good grooming habits at an early stage will help your children turn into well-groomed adults who invest their time and effort into taking care of themselves. How then can you inculcate good grooming habits while caring for your child’s hair? Given below are a few ways you could do so;

1. Use natural ingredient shampoos that are infused with vitamins and anti-oxidants to moisturize your child’s hair.

2. Massaging and brushing your child’s hair regularly with de-tangle any knots present as well as increase blood circulation, thus promoting hair growth.

3. It is essential to trim your son’s hair once every 2 months and your daughter’s hair once every 3 months to eliminate any split ends and dryness at the tips.

4. Avoid wearing tight rubber bands or heavy metal clips as it could cause balding as well as damage your child’s hair roots.

5. Regular oil massages and using clarifying shampoos once in a while can keep dandruff at bay.

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