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 Hairstyle Tip- #48

hairstyle for kids

Living in a city like Mumbai where fashion and style are appreciated even at the youngest age, it is important to groom your kids and make them look their very best. With Instagram and Pinterest filled with inspiring and creative boards, it is almost impossible not to feel inspired and not absorb the fashion vibes radiating everywhere. The most common hairstyles you may find children with these days are usually high buns styled with a ribbon bow or a normal braid, but there are so many more hairstyles to play with, which will make your child easily stand out and look their very best. What hairstyles might they be? Our Jr. Stylist Naomi Park has shared with us a few creative, stylish, and easy hairstyles to incorporate while styling your daughter’s hair.

1. French braid incorporated on to the crown of your daughter’s head and ending with a fluffy big bun. This easy hairstyle hardly requires any effort or much time since you are only braiding the top of her head.

Top French Braids

2. Whether your daughter has curly or straight hair, keeping her hair off her face on any one side with braids or twists can instantly enhance her look.

one side braids

3. Dutch braid pigtails are perfect if your daughter has short hair, two dutch braids created on the crown area, and held together with a ponytail, rather than a complete braid can add the necessary bounce to her hair and separate it from the regular dutch braid look.

Dutch Braid Pigtails

If you wish to get any of these hairstyles created for your daughter, you can get it done at our luxury salon A’Kreations Hair & Beyond in Bandra west.

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