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Acrylic nail extensions have many benefits to offer; if you bite your nail, this trendy nail service can help you prevent yourself from biting those pretty nails off, most people have really small and short nails that just refuse to grow out well and in that case, acrylic nails come to your rescue, helping your nails grow out well and strengthen your brittle nails from breaking unevenly. The motives for getting acrylic nails are many, but once you do get them, there are a few methods you should adopt in order to maintain your nails for a longer period. You may find that after spending your precious time and money on getting your nails done that they either break off or start peeling from your cuticle. If your nail starts to peel from your cuticle then your nail technician has probably not done a good job, however, if your nail breaks off it could be your own doing. Here are a few steps to prevent your nails from breaking and sustaining your beloved acrylic nails for a longer period of time.

1. While calling for your elevator or pressing the button to flush, you might press the button with the tip of your nail, thus, making it weak and causing it to break! Pressing the button with your knuckle will prevent your nail from breaking.

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2. Most of us ruin our nails while trying to open a soda can, rather than opening the lid of the can with the tip of your nail, try opening it with the side of your finger.

nail extension hacks

3. Never try to cut off your grown out acrylic nail at home or it might break unevenly and cause damage to your real nail under the acrylic. Visiting your salon and getting it filed and touched up will definitely cost you less than the amount you might have to spend fixing your broken nail.

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