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3 Trendy Nail Art Designs for 2019

Ever since art on nails became a trend, everybody wanted to get their nails not only painted but having art on them. With the amount of nail art designs that have come and gone ever since it began, one thing is certain which is that picking the right nail art is very important. Your nail art not only exhibits your love for art but it also shows your interest in style and being stylish. Just like fashion, there are particular nail art trends that are just timeless, while selecting your nail art design it could get confusing but we have 3 trendy nail art designs suggested by our Nail Technician Azim Sayyed for every look or mood you feel like exhibiting for this new year.

1. A Revamped French Manicure :

We all know that a french manicure is as timeless as it gets but we have a new and fun way of doing it to switch it up this 2019 by mixing colors rather than the basic white and nude or simply incorporating glitter into your french manicure will give you an elegant and fresh look.

french manicure

2. Acrylic Powder Shaded Nail Art :

This nail art is different from your ombre gel nail polish because it is the perfect blend of shading done with acrylic powder! Yes, that’s right, Acrylic Powder!

Acrylic Powder Shaded Nail Art

3. Chrome Cat Eye Nail Art :

A fusion of a trendy cat eye nail art containing a chrome effect to give you that oomph that you are looking for. This new yet trendy nail art design will leave no head unturned!

Chrome Cat Eye Nail Art

You can get any of these nail art designs at our luxury salon A’Kreations Hair & Beyond in Bandra west.

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