Healthy skin and hair are every woman’s desire but it is also very hard to achieve. We invest inexpensive products that we have to use sparingly to have just the right amount to last us for a while and follow DIY masks and routines to achieve healthy skin, hair, and nails. However, no matter what we do, if we do not follow the basic rules, then healthy skin, hair, and nails will only be a dream that we never fulfill. These basic rules are:

1. Following a healthy diet: A healthy and nutritious diet not only helps us look and feel physically fit but it also provides the nutrition and health that our skin, hair, and nails require.

2. Drinking enough water: This rule sounds so simple yet most of us forget to do so, instead of carrying our bottle of water to work, we have substituted it for a flask of coffee which does pump us up in energy but also dehydrates us!

3. Oiling your hair: Ever wondered why your hair, skin, and nails were so flawless during schooling years? Yes, youth is one of the reasons but you can also give this credit to your ‘mummy’s oil champi’ that happened almost every week. This should remind you just how important it is to oil your hair at least every week.

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