Skin Care

With confusing weather conditions and the rapid fluctuation in climate, conducting your skincare routine could get complicated, and you could find yourself confused about whether you should follow a winter skincare routine or a summer skincare routine. Fear not, we are here to help! Using these 3 skincare tips mentioned below, you can easily have healthy skin during this confusing weather. These 3 easy and simple tips are:

1. Using a sunscreen before leaving the house:

Did you know? The blu rays emitted from your laptop or mobile screen can also affect your skin, making it dull and damaged! This is why sunscreen is a basic necessity all during the year regardless of the weather or time, even if you are indoors.

2. Using Aloe vera gel :

Applying Aloe vera gel to your face in the morning can help hydrate your skin, restoring any moisture that you may have lost during the chilly nights.

3. Vitamin E oil :

Applying Vitamin E oil to your face and neck before going to bed is an effective anti-aging treatment as well as it can lighten any spots or scars.

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