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Stylish Summer Hairstyles To Beat The Heat

Summer in Mumbai not only gets unbearable but also messy! Sweat drenched with the heat we tend to tie our hair up to keep it away from our neck, due to the humidity and strong rays of the sun we just want to cool our bodies down in any way possible even if that means going short during the summers. Does that mean we should all go short during the summer? What about the amount of time we have invested throughout the years into growing our hair long and strong? All wasted? Fear not, we got you covered! Our Stylist Janice Fernandes, has come up with a few types of easy and quick hair updos to keep your hair away from your neck and face along with allowing your hair to look gorgeous during the summer.

1. A French Braid with a High Ponytail : If you fear high ponytails due to it making your face look huge, incorporating a french braid into your high ponytail will give it some density and volume, making it look fancy and pretty.

French Braid

2. Side Twists with a Mid Bun : Spice up your mid bun by adding in some side twists to increase volume and appear effortlessly beautiful!

Side Twists with a Mid Bun

3. High Fishtail Braid Ponytail : Revamp your high ponytail by incorporating a high fishtail braid into your ponytail thus preventing it from getting messy or sticking to your neck!

High Pony Fishtail Braid

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