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Quick Fixes To Solve Hair Issues During Summer Season

We are all aware of the fact that summer can bring a few challenges to our hair, however, the extreme amount of damage that the May heat brings with it is unfathomable! The summer heat can damage our locks and make our scalp very oily and turn our ends dry and brittle. Frequent exposure to heat can turn our healthy hair, lifeless, but fear not! We are here to rescue your hair, our Creative Art Director Matalyn has share with us a few quick fixes to solve our hair issues during the summer season.

1. If you are going to spend a long day in the sun for an event or simply if you are out on vacation sightseeing then, we recommend applying a deep leave-in conditioner (Kevin Murphy Leave-in Repair) which contains SPF protection to protect your hair from the sun.

Kevin Murphy Leave-In Repair Conditioner
Kevin Murphy Leave in repair

2. Frizzy hair is definitely a challenge especially in the summer months, we have got a creative solution that will help you save the day! Use a taming spray (Untangle by Kevin Murphy) and Argan oil (Young Again oil serum by Kevin Murphy) on wet hair. This helps moisturize your hair while taming it against the humidity.

Untangled By Kevin Murphy
 Un-tangled Kevin-Murphy
Young Again Oil Serum By Kevin Murphy
Young Again Kevin Murphy

3. We notice that too often colored hair gets ruined and damaged from all the salt water and sun exposure that we receive during the harsh summer. This is because the heat and sun oxidize our hair color, leaving our beautiful hair, dry! A Keratin Treatment can help revitalize and re-hydrate our hair, bringing it back to life.

4. If you are running late and don’t have much time on your hand for a fancy hair updo, apply hairspray (Kevin Murphy Session Spray) to your brush and run it through your hair to lock your frizzy and rebellious locks in place.

Kevin Murphy Session Spray

You can get your hair treated to a Keratin Treatment and buy any of the Kevin Murphy products at our luxury salon A’Kreations Hair & Beyond Luxury Salon in Bandra West or in Powai.

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Image Source – Kevin Murphy