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Refresh your Hair Color with Beautiful Tones

Tip of the day  Hair Tip- #45 If you have ever got your hair colored or if you currently have colored hair, you will notice that after a few months, your hair color tends to fade and get dull and… Continue Reading →

How to Maintain your Thin Hair

Tip of the day  Hair Tip- #44 Thin hair can be a lot more difficult to care for as compared to thick and coarse hair. Since your hair is thin and smooth, it means that your hair is fragile and… Continue Reading →

Quick Fixes for your Summer Hair Issues

Tip of the day  Hair Tip- #43 We are all aware of the fact that summer can bring a few challenges to our hair, however, the extreme amount of damage that the May heat brings with it is unfathomable! The… Continue Reading →

Home Remedies for Common Hair Problems

Tip of the day  Hair Tip- #42 Your hair is the crown that you wear every day; it is important to ensure that it always looks good! People can tell a lot about you by the way your hair is… Continue Reading →

Oats benefits for skin and hair

Tip of the day  Hair & Beauty Tip- #41 Oats, also known as Oatmeal is well known for being one of the key ingredients needed for maintaining a healthy diet. Although the name makes our unhealthy selves cringe, oats can… Continue Reading →

Acrylic Nails Do’s and Don’ts

Tip of the day  Nail Care Tip- #40 Acrylic nail extensions have many benefits to offer; if you bite your nail, this trendy nail service can help you prevent yourself from biting those pretty nails off, most people have really… Continue Reading →

Celebrity Inspired Hair Tattoos to rock this Summer

Tip of the day  Hair Care Tip- #39 Summer is one season where we take advantage of the heat to experiment with short haircuts and finally cut off our wild and grown winter hair look. When going short, you might… Continue Reading →

Quick and Easy Hacks to Prevent a Hair Disaster

Tip of the day  Hair Care Tip- #38 Living in Mumbai’s unpredictable weather can result in many unwanted situations that will make you feel helpless and annoyed. With this summer heat already ruining our skin, we usually find ourselves dealing… Continue Reading →

Summer Skin Care Tips

Tip of the day  Skin Care Tip- #37 Summers are known for being harsh on our skin and causing a lot of skin damage, besides dehydrated skin we constantly have to worry about dry, oily, tanned skin and not many… Continue Reading →

Stylish Summer Hairstyles to Beat The Heat

Tip of the day Hair Tip- #36 Summer in Mumbai not only gets unbearable but also messy! Sweat drenched with the heat we tend to tie our hair up to keep it away from our neck, due to the humidity… Continue Reading →

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