different types of hair coloring techniques

When we visit the salon to get our hair colored, a common issue we all face is having to communicate with our stylist on what type of look that we want to achieve. A professional hairstylist knows the various type of techniques and how to identify which technique would suit you. However, we do not possess the same knowledge and often get confused when terms such as balayage, foilayage, and foiling are suggested. To help you have a better understanding of these techniques and facilitate helpful conversations between you and your stylist, we asked our Salon Art Director Renuka Giri to give us a clear understanding of the differences.

1. Balayage : This is a freehand coloring technique that is hand-painted on to the hair to give it a natural sun-kissed appearance. It is important to note that when a balayage is created using various colors, your stylist might add foils to separate each section to prevent the colors from merging into one another, so don’t freak out if you see a few foils added to your hair.

2. Foiling : This is a technique that is used when multiple colors are being used in the hair such as when highlighting or lowlighting the hair. Why foils? you may ask, This is because foil conducts heat which allows the product to penetrate deeper into the hair, giving it an intense look.

3. Foilyage : This is an amalgamation of a balayage technique and a foiling technique where after you have hand-painted the product on to the hair, you wrap that painted section in foil for processing. This creates a natural painted look with intense colors.

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