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Hair Tip- #3

Men’s Hair Styling Tips For Monsoon

Say no to your baseball caps this month, men as our Style Director at A’kreations Mr. Sukhwinder S Karoti (Ricky) tells us the dos and don’ts this rainy season.

Ricky believes that your hair can tell your story by bringing out your key characteristics. Proper styling and good hair can be your sunshine during this gloomy monsoon. It is extremely difficult to maintain your hairstyle through the day and by the time you get from point A to point B hair products and blowdries get washed away.

1. Keep your hair short :

The haircut you choose for this season is extremely crucial, going short makes your hair look absolutely flawless and ready to go. Long hair can remain damp through the day and can eventually start smelling. Ricky recommends a hair cut which looks great immediately after it dries. Water brings back the hydrogen bonds in a strand of hair to its original state, hence a hair cut which can make your hair look great naturally is what you should be going for. High levels of humidity can leave your hair limp and lifeless.

2. Change your products:

Use a moisturising shampoo this month to prevent that god awful frizz. Apply a leave in conditioner, or a curl cream to restore the shape of your wavy-curly texture. Humidity can be your worst enemy this month, so for that little extra hold add some hair mousse as well. Avoid using hair gel as much as possible, it can leave your hair sticky when exposed to moisture. Use a tiny bit of lightweight organ oil to remove that extra bit of frizz.

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Keune So Pure Moroccan Argan Oil

Schwarzkopf Moisture Kick Spray Conditioner

Keune Recover Shampoo

3. Style it up:

Take this opportunity to try out something super fun! The monsoons are the best excuse to sport a man bun or a set of braids.


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