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 Monsoon Hair Care Tip- #50

Hair Care During Monsoon

The much-awaited monsoons have finally arrived but with the constant change of climate in Mumbai, managing your hair can be one of the hard tasks that one has to deal with in order to maintain the health and hygiene of your hair. If your hair isn’t kept clean and healthy, you can land up getting some unwanted scalp infection or dandruff, which is usually really hard to get rid of without strong and proper medication. Thus, increasing the amount of care, time, and money you need to invest, which is why it is essential to maintain your hair well in advance to spare yourself from this hassling experience.

You can sustain the health and hygiene of your hair by simply following these few steps:

  1. Washing your hair every alternate day can prevent dirt and sweat residue and leave your scalp fresh, clean, and oil-free.
  2. If your hair is wet due to getting wet in the rain, it is advisable to first dry your hair off before you sit in the AC, if not, the moisture present can lead to bacterial infection.
  3. The moisture present in the air can cause your hair to frizz up, however, using a nourishing conditioner can prevent the frizz, keeping your hair soft and frizz-free.
  4. During the monsoons, avoid tying your hair up, as it will only retain the moisture in your hair, causing an infection, making your hair frizzy and limp.

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