Effective Waxing Tips & Tricks

Waxing, this very word can make you hear those strips being pulled off from your skin and gives you the goosebumps. As compared to shaving, waxing is mostly dreaded by most women and men due to the pain it causes. But, what if we told you your waxing appointment will be the last of your worries once you know these tricks! Curious to know more? In conversation with our Aesthetician Smita More, she shared with us a few common issues people face while waxing such as the stubborn ingrowth and hair that won’t leave your skin even after your waxing service and has shared a few tricks to deal with that situation.

1. For the people that have a lot of ingrowth problems, it would be advisable to do a body scrub 2 days continuously before your waxing appointment as it will reduce and remove the ingrowth.

2. If you have dark underarms, you can get a de-tan before waxing your underarms and apply a black masque to your underarms after waxing to brighten them up.

3. Men have harsh hair which makes waxing it difficult and even more painful, to avoid this, you can opt for the Rica Wax as it effectively removes the hair and dead skin and after 2-3 sittings, the hair growth will become thin and less.

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