Rejuvenate Your Skin At Home

Being self-quarantined got us working from home, sitting behind a computer screen for a long period of time. Although at work too we are required to sit on our laptop the whole time, we have a whole different benefit while working from the comfort of our own home! That is, we can care for ourselves and go ahead with self-care rituals without anyone objecting to it and while completing our work. Self-care is important and since it is, what better time to do so than while working from home?

Here are a few skin care tips you can do while working at home

1. Wear SPF to protect your skin from the harsh rays emitted by your screen and apply a toner to rejuvenate your dry skin at intervals.

2. Relax your tired and dull skin by massaging your face with a roller to increase blood circulation and feel fresh.

3. Staring at the screen for too long can add unwanted stress to your eyes, ensure that you add an under-eye eye cream before sitting for work.

4. Take 10-20 minute intervals to snack on some healthy fruits, change your sight by looking at some good greenery, or to relax your eyes with cucumber slices and your face with ice.

Following these few, easy, and simple skin care steps will to help rejuvenate your skin at home and make you feel fresh even after a tiresome day! To know more tips, stay tuned and follow A’Kreations Hair & Beyond Luxury Salon on all social media platforms.

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