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Hair Tip- #21

Hair Tattoo Mumbai Akreations

Growing up, we have all gone through that phase where we desperately wanted a tattoo. However, getting something so permanent at such a young age is always shunned off because our likes and dislikes are always known to change with time. On the other hand, a Hair Tattoo is something that is not so permanent, but it will stay for as long as you love it. Rather than ink, a hair tattoo uses your hair and a design is created using a razor to shave intricate patterns. The best part is that it doesn’t involve needles! Hair tattoos are one of the latest hair trends that is sweeping up the world in its creativity. For the people that like switching it up time and again with new and different hair looks, this look is something they must try and what amazes us is the different patterns and designs that we can keep creating. When it comes to hair tattoos our Style Director Yogesh Nikam is known for his wide knowledge and he was kind enough to squeeze in a few tips to keep in mind while getting a hair tattoo.

  1. While getting a hair tattoo, you could keep it as simple as a heartbeat hair tattoo or go for something with more details like a mandala hair tattoo.

Hair Tattoo in Mumbai Akreations

2. If you do want to step it up a notch you could also infuse a bit of color into your hair tattoo, depending on your liking you could either opt for a temporary hair color like color wax or airbrush colors or you could go for a semi-permanent crazy color. Adding color will not only make your hair tattoo stand out from the rest of your hair but it will also add to its uniqueness.

Hair Tattoo in Mumbai Akreations

3. When your hair does grow out, you could simply get a new hair tattoo or opt for a faded haircut if you wish to take a small break before your next faded haircut.

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