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Nails Tips – #60

Tips for Healthy Nails

Ever got a cut near your nail and found it extremely difficult to do your remaining work? This is something that every girl can relate to! From washing your utensils and clothes to needing your dough, your nails are the ones that always get involved in all your laborious work due to being placed at the tip of your fingers. Since it is always involved in the work you do, it is very easy for it to collect dirt or break off. Chipped nails, fungal infections, and broken nails are very common to hear about but fear not by using these tips that our Nail Technician Nimiya suggested your nails will no longer be a part of your 99 problems! To maintain the health of your much-needed nails, follow these easy and simple tips mentioned below :

1. Nails are weaker when they are wet, ensure that you file your nails and cut your cuticles only when they are dry.

2. Always keep your hands and nails well moisturized, to prevent dryness.

3. Always use gloves while washing clothes or utensils, to prevent the harmful chemicals from drying out your nails.

4. Do not use your nails as a tool to open cans and other containers, to avoid nail breakage.

5. Ensure that you refill your nail extensions on time, to prevent a fungal infection caused by the build-up of dirt.

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