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 Hair Tip- #45

Refresh Hair Color With Beautiful Tones

If you have ever got your hair colored or if you currently have colored hair, you will notice that after a few months, your hair color tends to fade and get dull and dry. When these situations arise, we usually jump to the conclusion that we might either have to go completely dark all over or apply a fresh application of color to achieve the same look. Having to sit through another hair color procedure not only requires paying a lot of money but also takes up a lot of your time and if it is a complex technique then you can easily be spending a minimum of 5 hours at the salon. But fear not, our Style Director Jade Rodriquez has shared with us a time-efficient and cost-efficient way to achieve a healthy color or retain the same hair color. You can get a new look this season by just enhancing or refreshing your previously colored highlights or balayage with different tones altogether.

  1. Warm tones: Incorporating warm tones such as rich browns into your hair will reflect brilliance and keep your hair looking healthy, new, and fresh.
  2. Matt tones: Adding Matt tones to your hair will eliminate the yellow and orange pigments that are usually visible on blonde or pre-lightened hair and will make your hair look different and natural.
  3. Red tones: Create a refreshed look by toning or enhancing your hair color with rich red tones to add shine and make your hair appear healthy.

If you wish to get your hair color refreshed and toned, then you can get it done at our A’Kreations Hair & Beyond Luxury Salon in Bandra West or in Powai.

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