Tip of the day

Nail tip- #11

We all love getting beautiful and outstanding nail art at the salon; gel nail art, glitter nail art, holographic nail art and the list goes on. But what happens when we get back to our daily schedule and our nails start to chip or break? We have no other option than to remove it because nobody wants to look at chipped of broken nails. In a blink of an eye all the glamor and beauty on our nails that we paid to achieve is gone for a toss! But don’t you worry, we got you covered with a few easy and quick hacks that you can use to beautify your nails once again and give them the attention they need.

1. To achieve shaded nail art :-

Paint your nails with a single coat of any neutral color, cut a small piece of sponge and apply your first layer of whatever color you like, below your first layer you can apply another layer of whatever color you prefer and then dab the sponge onto your nails. Top it off to a clear top coat to help it last longer.

Nail With Sponge

2. For matte nail :-

We have two smart hacks to turn your nail polish matte. You can pick whichever suits you better.

a. Paint your nails with the desired color and hold it over the steam of boiling water for 5 seconds.

b. Paint your nails with the desired color and then dip it into a small bowl of corn starch. You will notice that after you have dusted off all the corn starch your nail polish has turned matte.

matt Nails

3. Fixing a half broken nail :-

We have all experienced a half broken nail and have to cut the entire nail off but with this hack you can save the length of your nail and not have to cut it. Cut off a small piece of paper for your tea bag but make sure that it is the size of your nail. Apply a first layer of base coat, then put the piece of paper from your tea bag on the nail and apply another layer of top coat over the paper. Once it dries you can cut off the extras and file it to your nail shape and Voila! You got your nail back! Go ahead and top it off with some glitter nail polish.

fix nails with tea bag

4. Speed up your time to dry your nails :-

Having to wait for your nail polish to dry can be time consuming and irritating because it limits your actions. You can simply speed up the time needed to dry your nails by soaking it in a bowl of ice water.

dry nail with ice