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Beauty Tip- #6

Living in Mumbai, the one season that we really don’t look forward to is the monsoons. Yes, the rain is fun and the smell of wet mud lifts our spirits but the hassle of getting to our destination without having a problem with our makeup, hair and clothes is a task. Thanks to waterproof makeup, our makeup is safe but once we get home and remove it we notice that our poor skin that has been heavily coated with makeup is dying to breathe! For some of us this leads to heavy acne, but don’t worry our Beauty and Skin Manager Arundhati Tathe at A’Kreations Hair & Beyond has given us a skin routine to follow through the monsoons to keep your skin hydrated, smooth and healthy.

1. Cleanser:

Use a mild face wash to cleanse and exfoliate your skin. Exfoliating your skin occasionally will open up your clogged pores and remove any dirt or makeup residue. You must wash your face at least 3 times a day for fresh, clean and healthy looking skin.

Recommended Product :-

Doux Visage Cleansing Cream – Phytomer

2. Toner

If you deal with a lot of acne or have oily skin then using a toner would do miracles for your face. A toner seals up your pores and prevents dirt from recollecting. You can apply your toner by simply dabbing some of it on a cotton ball and cleaning your face. If you don’t wish to invest your money in an expensive toner then you can substitute it with rose water which is affordable, easily available in the market and works for any skin type.

Recommended Product :-

Phytomer Rosee Visage Toner

3. Serum

A face serum is a moisturizer that is lightweight and is used to make your skin firm, hydrated and smooth. Using a serum before applying your moisturizer will boost the hydration level in your skin and give you better results. You can even apply serum before you apply your sunscreen using it as a base.

Recommended Product :-

Thalgo Absolute Hydra-Marine Concentrate

4. Moisturizer

Using a moisturizer can work wonders for your face more than you know. Moisturizing your face regularly, keeps those wrinkles at bay and prevents fine lines. They are not only for the winters but for every season, applying a moisturizer after cleansing your face will rejuvenate and hydrate your face giving you a lovely glow that won’t go unnoticed.

Recommended Product :-

Thalgo Absolute Hydra-Marine Concentrate

5. Night Cream

A night cream is very essential due to the different purposes it is used for. it is known as a multi-purpose cream because of the various treatment that it does for your skin; some of them are- it boosts collagen in your skin, prevents sagging, soothes your face, moisturizes the dry areas of your face, evens out your complexion, restores skin elasticity and renews damaged cells.

Recommended Product :-

Thalgo Nutri-Soothing Cream


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