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How to Take Care of Your Hair During Winter

As lovely and beautiful as the winters can be, with the cool breeze and pleasant weather comes dandruff, dry ends and greasy scalp issues. Maintaining the health of your hair during the winter is a must because if not cared for, then your hair issue can get dragged into the next season too! Winter is known for pulling out the moisture from your hair making it appear dry whereas the moisture present in the air makes your hair greasy. Seems like there is no escape from this hair disaster? Fear not, our Style Director Tushar Shinde has got a few tips to share with us that will do your hair good and maintain its health during the harsh winters.

1. Washing your Hair Daily :

Although this sounds scary and hardworking, doing so with a Sulfate-free and Paraben-free Shampoo and Conditioner like Keune or Kevin Murphy, will help prevent greasiness and dandruff.

Hair Wash

Hair Wash

2. Oiling your Hair :

Oiling your hair at least 1 day a week for 1 hour will help reduce dryness and will increase moisture in your hair.

Hair Oiling

Hair Oiling

3. Hair Spa :

Though this might seem too overboard, investing in a good spa will cost you less than all the medicated shampoos and conditioner that you will have to purchase later to treat your dandruff and dry hair. Getting a hair spa after every 20 days during the winter will help moisturize your hair and keep it manageable.

Hair Spa

Hair Spa

You can get a hair spa, head massage with oil and purchase the Kevin Murphy or Keune Sulfate and Paraben free products at our luxury salon A’Kreations Hair & Beyond in Bandra west.

To Book an appointment call us on 720 899 9911 / 897 622 8999

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