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October Heat Tip – #63

How To Survive This October Heat

The October heat is known to cause us a lot of trouble due to the unbearable heat, the nonstop perspiration, the hot roads, the tanned skin, and much more annoying factors. Since we can’t do anything about the sun’s rays and the unbearable heat, we have a few safety measures that you can take to keep yourself safe from the sun’s harmful rays:

1. To avoid getting tanned in the sun, always wear a hat and glares while stepping out of the house and most importantly don’t forget to apply your sunscreen!

2. Avoid wearing open and thin sole sandals because wearing open footwear will make your feet tanned whereas, wearing thin sole sandals will allow the heat from the ground to pass directly to your feet causing it to burn.

3. Always carry and drink water to prevent dehydration and your skin from drying out.

4. Choose your footwear wisely as the sweat buildup present in your shoes might cause a fungal infection.

5. Avoid overuse of styling products as it could melt on to your scalp with the sun’s harsh rays, causing you with a scalp infection.

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