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Hair tip- #7

Living in an extremely humid weather like Mumbai curly haired girls like us have no other option but to cover our hair with a scarf to protect our dear curls. Because of using a scarf to keep our washed hair clean a lot of us experience flat hair or sweaty hair and in the end of it all we get extremely frustrated. So how then are we curly haired girls supposed to survive? Fear not Our Style Director Milly Niangngaihman at A’Kreations Hair & Beyond got a solution to maintain your curls.

  1. Curly hair is naturally frizzy in nature; controlling frizz can be a headache to deal with on a daily basis which is why to control the frizz and make your hair look healthy it is advisable to moisturize your hair using a hair mask that is suitable for curly hair.
  2. There is a difference between healthy curls and dry coarse frizzy hair; if you wish to achieve beautifully defined and structured curls then you can opt for styling products to set those curls perfectly.
  3. Traveling to office during the week can turn your healthy curls dry and rough due to pollution and dust. To maintain the moisture in your hair and keep it hydrated, hair spa like filler therapy or a moisture spa is essential once every few weeks.
  4. Combing your curly hair when it is dry will lead to hair breakage which will result in flyways. To prevent this it is important NOT to comb your curly hair when dry but instead comb it when your hair is wet and conditioned.
  5. Before adding conditioning products to your hair it is necessary to have a clean scalp. Keeping your scalp clean will prevent odor, greasiness and dandruff. Not only should you shampoo your hair but you should also use a condition to restore the moisture that the shampoo might have wiped out. Adding a hair mask to your hair washing routine will only result in healthy and glossy hair.

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