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Hair Tip- #1

Shampoo is your best friend this rainy season!

“This monsoon be sure to restock on your shampoo bottles”. Style Director at A’kreations Mr. Sukhwinder S Karoti (Ricky) talks to us about the importance of scalp and hair hygiene this season.

1. Your shampoo routine: The rise in the humidity and moisture in the air can cause a build up of fungal infections on your scalp, make sure to shampoo at least twice a week to prevent this.

2. Change your shampoo: Due to increase in the frequency of hair washes, the chemicals in the shampoo will strip away the natural oils produced by your scalp, and in turn dry your hair out. Use a shampoo that is mild and safe for your hair, avoid harsh chemicals.

3. Limp and flat hair: The added humidity can turn turn wavy and curly hair unruly and unmanageable, at the same time it can turn thin and textured hair to fall limp and flat. Shampooing your hair gets rid of the extra grease. If your hair does get oily super fast during the monsoons, and three washes a week are just not enough spray a dry shampoo on your scalp. ( Dry shampoo can also add volume to your hair, spray your scalp and massage. Massage your scalp if your hair falls flat again, in doing so the heat from your finger tips will activate the dry shampoo from the morning of)

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