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Simple and Easy Hairstyles This Wedding Season

Tip of the day Hair tip- #14   Weddings come with a load of stress, not only are you worried about everything going smoothly but also the fact that you need to look the uttermost best on your big day… Continue Reading →

3 Short Haircuts to beat the October heat

Tip of the day Hair tip- #13 October is known for bringing with itself tremendous heat that just gets unbearable to handle. As we begin to feel hot the first thing we do is tie our long hair up into… Continue Reading →

Tips for a Healthy Scalp

Tip of the day Hair tip- #12 Living in Mumbai with dust and dirt polluting the air it always takes a toll not only on our health but also on our scalp. Just like your hair type might not be… Continue Reading →

Quick Hacks for Nails – Every Girl Should Know!

Tip of the day Nail tip- #11 We all love getting beautiful and outstanding nail art at the salon; gel nail art, glitter nail art, holographic nail art and the list goes on. But what happens when we get back… Continue Reading →

Hair Care Tips – The Best Way to Take Care of Your Hair

Tip of the day Hair tip- #10 With our busy schedules and no time to really maintain our hair, we find that our hair just keeps getting worse day by day. The main cause for hair fall and dry scalp… Continue Reading →

Hair Tips for Maintaining Hair Color

Tip of the day Hair tip- #9 The thought of coloring your hair has passed each and everyone’s mind at least once but along with it comes the thought of maintaining the color. We color our hair one color but… Continue Reading →

Hair Styling Tips for Men’s Hair

Tip of the day Hair tip- #8 Whether your hair is straight, curly or wavy, traveling tends to ruin your hair either making it look rough or dry. Most men use bandanas in order to protect their hair from pollution… Continue Reading →

Hair Tips to Maintain your Curly Hair

Tip of the day Hair tip- #7 Living in an extremely humid weather like Mumbai curly haired girls like us have no other option but to cover our hair with a scarf to protect our dear curls. Because of using… Continue Reading →

Must Have Skin Routine for Monsoons

Tip Of the Day Beauty Tip- #6 Living in Mumbai, the one season that we really don’t look forward to is the monsoons. Yes, the rain is fun and the smell of wet mud lifts our spirits but the hassle… Continue Reading →

Styling solution for men with thin hair

Tip Of the Day Hair Tip- #5 Styling solution for men with thin hair Thin and Fine hair is something that a lot of men struggle with. Here is a tip from Tushar Shinde, our Top Stylist at A’kreations to… Continue Reading →

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