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Hair tip- #13

October is known for bringing with itself tremendous heat that just gets unbearable to handle. As we begin to feel hot the first thing we do is tie our long hair up into a small messy bun or a ponytail. Tying your hair up can take away all the attention that long hair brings with it leaving us with no purpose whatsoever for keeping our long hair. Most of us don’t opt for short hair as it might make our face appear round or simply because we don’t prefer to have short hair. This October going short is a great way to beat the heat, it can give you a complete makeover and will definitely make your hair look a lot more healthier. In conversation with our Style Director Francis Derick, he has given 3 beautiful and trendy haircuts to go for to beat the heat.

1. Asymmetrical Textured Pixie Cut :-

If you have curly hair and a heart shaped face then this is definitely the look you should go for, it is chic, cool, keeps you cool from the heat, requires low maintenance and will grab everyone’s attention. Go bold with this haircut and pair it with a lovely bandana.

2. Graduated Bob Haircut :-

If you have thick hair and a round shaped face then this look will do you good. This haircut looks beautiful and classy, short from behind while long from front this haircut gives you a frontal display of longer hair while keeping your hair off your neck which is why this is the perfect haircut to keep you cool during the heat and prevents your sweat from wetting your hair.

Graduated Bob Haircut

 3. Lob Haircut :-

This cut is perfect for those who don’t want to go too short, it is a long bob haircut giving you length but also lays off the weight of your hair therefore preventing your hair from falling flat. You could even consider adding color to the front of your hair to spice things up a bit with your hair.

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