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4 Types of Layered Haircuts to Maintain your Hair Length

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If there is one thing that unites us women, it is the dreadful feeling of losing your hair length. The number of times we have visited the salon to get our hair cut and returned with tears in our eyes because the hairdresser cut our hair too short is innumerable! However not cutting your hair will lead to split ends and dry ends that will work their way up thus damaging your hair from the roots, better than going bald is getting your monthly hair trim. When thinking of haircuts that allow you to keep your length the only option that comes to mind is getting layers incorporated into your hair. What not many people know is that there are types of layers that you could get depending on your hair needs. Here are a few types of layered haircuts that you could get.

1. Tapered Layers :

If you have long hair and you are tired of your hair falling flat with the weight, adding tapered layers to your hair will prevent it from falling flat and will allow you to maintain your hair length while removing any dry ends.


2. Voluminous Layers :-

Adding layers throughout your hair will remove the weight and add volume along with movement to your hair. This haircut is perfect for people with wavy and thin hair.

voluminous layers

3. Layered Curls :

Whoever thought layers were only for straight or wavy hair, did not hear of these beautiful and creative face-framing layered ringlets that help present a uniform look for women with curly hair.

Layered Curls

4. Bouncy Layers for a Bob :

When your hair is already this short, you might not want to cut it any shorter. Although adding bouncy layers to the front of your hair will add body to a classic bob.

Bouncy Layers for a Bob

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